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   Recruiting 2.0: A Guide to Success in the Web Jungle


The Internet provides for a diverse and individual recruitment program in which the new functionalities of what is called Web 2.0 can be used successfully. However, for many organizations, Web 2.0 is new territory and not every recruiter is proficient with its features. Yet, one thing is certain: The new Web 2.0 methods for communicating with applicants over the are better, faster, cheaper and modern.

Learn about Recruiting 2.0 in 2 stages: Stage 1 leads you through the basics of recruiting 2.0 using concrete examples in an interactive, conference style, webinar. Stage 2 will help you personally with the selection and installation of the Web 2.0 technologies that successful recruiters use worldwide for free.

Stage 1 - Web Conference (Webinar)

What is Recruiting 2.0 in practice?
What are the most successful online features of Recruiting 2.0?
Alternative forms of candidate selection.
New information technologies in the background: Funnel model for Talent Management
What will be expected in the future from recruiters?
Duration: about 90 minutes

Stage 2 - Web-Coaching Webinar

Individual training in dealing with Webcams
Installation and testing of selected Web 2.0 technologies on your computer
Accompanied by a Recruiting 2.0 project
In-depth Q&A
Duration: variable

In developing these Webinars, HR-Meter has spoken with HR executives from around the globe about their experiences, done comparative research on the benefits of all of the tools and procedures we discuss and have even made use of them in our own recruiting processes.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many of the free Webinars on this topic, HR-Meter will never uses informative Webinars like these to sell products, software or advertising.

You should register at least one week in advance. The cost of Stage 1 - Web Conference (Webinar) is $45.00. Links and phone numbers for the web-conference will be sent via email to registered participants shortly before the conference. System requirements include: a computer with broadband internet access, a telephone or system speakers or a system headset. Our web conference venue also supports text chat for participants who would like to pose questions during the event.

Stage 2 is by appointment only and HR-Meter's regular coaching fees will apply. Check off Individual Web-Coaching for Recruiting 2.0 below for more information.

Please tell us which event you are interested in and a member of the HR-Meter team will send you the relevant information.

November, 5th 2012 @ 2:00pm Eastern: Stage 1 - Web Conference (Webinar)

November, 12th 2012 @ 2:00pm Eastern: Stage 1 - Web Conference (Webinar)

Individual Web-Coaching for Recruiting 2.0 (Stage 2)





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