Who we are

Christina Dietzsch-Kley:
Is the founder and president of HR-Meter LLC / HR Effekt GmbH. Christina is the lead on all European projects. She has over 10 years experiences in international client projects with focus on organizational design, leadership audits, performance & competency assessments, coaching, and a wide array of IT-based tools to improve Human Resource Processes. She holds a Master’s degree in social sciences, organizational psychology, and in business administration.



Eamon Duede: Is the lead on all North American projects and the lead on all recurring technical project management. He has over 5 years of experience streamlining client goals, developing and implementing customized solutions for a wide variety of HRM projects. Though Eamon is the lead for all North American contracts and projects, his expertise is often put to use on global projects including those in Europe, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Eamon has worked closely with the top leadership at many large, multinational organizations as well as the owners and management of small, domestic firms.


HR-Meter is a full service Human Resources consultancy that offers innovative assessment services with an unprecedented level of customization. In this way we can make a relevant impact on client's business. As a result of these efforts, we naturally become a strategic HR partner for our clients. Our cooperative and transparent implementation management is based on distinguished empirical research and many years of practical experience across a wide array of industries and cultures. We know how to reach certain business goals by employing certain interventions embedded within targeted project communications. We hand over to our clients a competitive advantage in the form of proven "best practice" and highly versatile competency modules that are IT-based, and fully integrative into our client's organization, people and goals.


Christina Dietzsch-Kley: Principle: Europe


Eamon Duede:
Principle: North America




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